Who We Are


We are a family-owned company built on good old fashioned values and Midwestern ethics: integrity, hard work, honesty, vision and what we call "Prairie Spirit" (a fierce desire for Adventure, Exploration, and Travel). We have been delighting our guests in the tour industry for years.

Theresa grew up in South Dakota and has fond memories of visiting her grandparent's farms in North Dakota every summer. Travel and adventure have been a part of her family history for years. It was her Great-Grandma who always had her suitcase packed and was ready to go at a moment's notice, even though the "big trip" was from the country into "town". Theresa's mom also found every opportunity to travel, learn and explore, having owned and operated her own travel company for years. The family joke is, "she is always happiest when the wheels are rolling."  The travel bug has continued with Theresa as she ventured off to live in Maui, Hawaii for 25 years with a career in the airlines before returning to her home state of South Dakota to be a part of the family travel business. "I am happiest when I know I have a trip planned.  I enjoy researching every detail of an upcoming trip and learning as much as I can before I travel to a new destination. It was a natural fit for me to bring the same excitement to the tours we provide because I know that each trip is potentially someone's dream trip, last trip, bucket list trip or just a much-needed vacation, and we will give 110% to ensure the best travel experience possible."

Paul was born and raised on the West Coast where his Dad worked for the airlines for over 40 years and his mom immigrated from the Netherlands. Paul recalls "she was always ready for an adventure, no matter what life threw at her. She would find a way to put a positive spin on it, whether it was taking the family for a scenic drive in her convertible or heading to Disneyland, she threw caution to the wind and lived life to the fullest." Moreover, with my Dad working for the airlines, travel has always been a sizable part of my family and after serving in the military, Paul's career with the airlines afforded him the opportunity to travel, where his love of exploring and adventure expanded. "Although I grew up on the West Coast, I have always felt a connection with the American West, its people, cultural and small-town charm.  I have absolutely fallen in love with South Dakota, and I am proud to call this my home and getting to share it with all of our guests is the best."

Paul and Theresa draw from their passion and experiences of traveling the world together, their thirst for adventure and what they call "Prairie Spirit", that quest for travel, adventure, and learning which translates to understanding our guests needs and taking care of all of the details of each tour so that every guest has the best experience possible. "We are unique because unlike other companies, our tour directors are local and among the best in the industry. We are connected to the people, cultural and community and are so proud to share this beautiful part of our country with you.

Another great joy for us is planning tours from our home state, there are so many great places to visit right here in our own country as well as internationally. We take great care in choosing all of our tour itineraries, taking care of all the details and insuring each tour is of the highest quality and offers the best local experience for each guest.  

Let us share our Prairie Spirit with you.